Unified immunization deadline looming

The Kenosha Unified School District has made the following announcement regarding immunization and attendance:

Kenosha Unified School District students in Kindergarten through grade 12 who are not compliant with the immunization law will be excluded from school for as many as four days beginning Tuesday, January 29, 2013. A letter informing parents/guardians and adult students of exclusion will be mailed on Friday, January 25. According to state law, the Superintendent may exclude from school students who have not been immunized or who are not compliant with the law if they have failed to meet the immunization requirements within 90 days of admission to school.

Thursday, January 24 marks the 90th day of the school year. All students who have not complied with the law are affected by this ruling. Students excluded will be allowed to return to school after four days, or sooner if they become compliant. However, the matter will be referred to the District Attorney for legal action if compliance is not met. Parents/guardians and adult students not in compliance may be fined up to $25 per day for each day that the student remains non-compliant. Legal notice of non-compliance was sent to parents/guardians and adult students on Thursday, January 10. A final warning letter will be sent to parents/guardians and adult students on Friday, January 18. In addition to legal notices, principals, secretaries and high school nurses have contacted parents/guardians of students who were not in compliance either personally or via newsletters and telephone calls.

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