Yield signs to go up on 70th Street

Yield signsEven though the alderperson of the district (8th district, Kevin Mathewson) requested stop signs be placed at three intersections, the Public Safety & Welfare Committee approved yield signs.  This was approved unanimously at the meeting yesterday.

The intersections in question are:

  • 35th Avenue and 70th Street;
  • 36th Avenue and 70th Street; and
  • 38th Avenue and 70th Street.

Clement Abongwa, assistant city engineer, stated that this item had been deferred from two prior meetings (October 8th and December 10th) in order to conduct traffic studies.  “All of the intersections have right-of-way issues,” he said, “and need to be controlled.”  He state that yield signs were what was warranted, and they would be placed there on a 90-day trial.  “I can only recommend what the data shows,” said Abongwa.

Alderperson Anthony Kennedy wanted to know if Mathewson accepted the resolution, and Abongwa said that he had contacted him, but had not heard back from him yet.  He had hoped to have an answer from Mathewson on the day of the meeting.

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