CVS Pharmacy license vote deferred to fix sales numbers

Licensing & Permit Committee PictureOn Monday night, the Licensing & Permit Committee met.  One of the agenda items was the application of Wisconsin CVS Pharmacy, LLC, for a beer/liquor license located at 3710 – 57th Avenue, in the 5th district.   The application requested that the license be effective on January 24, 2013.  Michael Martin, agent, was present, as well as the CVS district manager.

Alderperson Rocco LaMacchia, alderperson for the district, said that he was supportive of the application.  “They’ve installed card readers, gates, cameras.  The expensive liquor will be locked up,” he said.  Alderperson Anthony Kennedy pointed out the second page of the application.  The sales figures on the application stated that the stores does $140,000 in beer sales per month, as well as $251,000 in beer sales for the year.  The committee voted unanimously to defer the application to the next meeting to give the applicants a chance to amend these figures.  (If sales figures are not met, the committee has the authority to pull the license.)

Below is a summary of other agenda item votes:

  • Seven new operator’s (bartender) licenses were approved, some with demerit points attached; one was deferred.

  • One new taxi driver’s license was approved, with 90 points attached; two were denied based on material record.
  • The request by American Plaza Liquor, 2830 – 75th Street, to take out the wall between the convenience store and the liquor store, was denied.  Alderperson Patrick Juliana said that the committee worked hard to separate the retail gas from the liquor sales, keeping the two separate standing structures, and they wanted to stick with that.  “The letter that was submitted with the application regarding increased competition was not relevant,” he said.  Chairman Jesse Downing stated that prior votes by the Common Council reflect that the Council doesn’t support liquor in gas stations.
  • The application by DD’s Bar, 1925 – 45th Street, for a beer license was approved unanimously.  Juliana, alderperson of the district, said that he had no problem with the operation.
  • The application of Our Kenosha Tap, 3221 – 60th Street, for a daily cabaret license for January 26, 2013, was also approved unanimously.
  • The application of Rutz Puzzle House, 4224 – 7th Avenue, requesting permission to maintain their beer/liquor license due to their not being open for business within 90 days, was approved unanimously.  Alderperson Chris Schwartz said that she spoke with the owner, and she has no problem with this, their first request for an extension.
  • The renewal application of Nifty Thrifty Shop, located at 3812 Roosevelt Road, was deferred for two weeks.  Matt Knight, assistant city attorney, said that the store was owned by Women and Children’s Horizons.  He said, “The ordinance, as written, provides an exemption to any business affiliated with a charitable organization.  It is not a non-profit itself, but the organization that owns it and receives the profits, such as they are, is.  Knight didn’t think that a license was needed.  He plans on sending a letter within the next week to the executive director of that organization, and he expects her to withdraw the application.
  • The renewal application of Superior Gold Express, located at 2400 – 52nd Street, for a secondhand jewelry dealer license was approved by a vote of 4 to 1 (Kennedy was the sole dissenting voter).  Police Chief John Morrissey stated that he thought there were way too many of these establishments in the city.  He also stated that, with the new regulations for electronic recording, that they have had very few problems.  “The process is remarkable in assisting in solving crimes.”  Kennedy noticed that what was filled in for the birth place of the applicant was the word, “Abroad.”  He wanted to deny the application for that reason.  However, Juliana stated that, because this was a renewal application, and not a new application, that he would be supportive of it.  He also stated that they could probably go back in the file to check the birth place of the applicant.
  • The application of Lin Liang Wu for a massage therapist license was approved by a vote of 4 to 0 (Downing left the meeting).
  • The renewal application of CunJun Wang for a massage therapist license was also approved unanimously.
  • A discussion of the establishment, Pop’s Place, 3214 – 60th Street, then ensued.  Abdul Kasani, the new owner, who bought the establishment four weeks ago, was present, and he thanked Police Sergeant John DeMario and Alderperson Scott Gordon for their help.  They have had no problems at the establishment after New Year’s.  John Wolf was hired to provide security.  Kennedy said that he was at the establishment and was concerned about several things, like the fact that they were charging at the door, and he was asked to take his hat off, even though others in the bar had their hats on.  Juliana said that his concern was the capacity posting.  Police Chief John Morrissey said that his initial request was to apply for an administrative suspension of their cabaret license but, because of the cooperative nature of the owner and DeMario during their meetings, he changed his mind.  Complaints came from his officers, and the new owner took corrective action.  Therefore, he said that he hoped that this was the last time that this establishment would need to be addressed.
  • The proposed ordinance change sponsored by the Licensing & Permit Committee regarding disciplinary hearings was approved unanimously.  To read a more detailed article on this item, click here:  “Disciplinary Hearings Ordinance Change Gets Shot Down.”
  • The findings of fact, conclusions of law, and recommendation in the matter of the operator’s (bartender) license of Joan Marie Eckert was accepted unanimously.  The original penalty was suspension of the license for 30 days; it was reduced to 15 days.  Once reinstated, the license would be in effect with 25 demerit points attached.  Steve Cain, counsel for the committee, stated that the original findings were to revoke.
  • The findings of fact, conclusions of law, and recommendation in the matter of the taxi driver’s license of Charles Ulrich, was also accepted unanimously.  The suspension for 90 days with subsequent reinstatement with 60 demerit points, was approved.  The applicant was present and pled for a reduced suspension or one point.  Knight said it took substantial effort to serve the licensee, and he failed to appear at the hearing.  He also stated that he thought that the committee was more than fair.

During the alderperson’s comments portion of the meeting, Kennedy spoke about Pop’s Place.  He offered his help and that of diverse members of the community to meet with the owner of the establishment regarding certain types of live entertainment.  He stated that he wanted to find a way to be proactive.  “I’m tired of using police resources, and I don’t want to see the quality of life of the neighborhood reduced.  We want responsible operators.  I invite the Tavern League, the Kenosha Police Department, and promoters to sit down and figure out how to allow entertainment without all of the problems.”

Juliana spoke about the new business, DD’s Bar.  They were not present at tonight’s meeting.  If they are good for the neighborhood, he stated that he would work them.  If they get lots of police calls, he wants them in here before the committee.  He also spoke kindly of the prior owner, Mary Ann Sacripanti, who passed away the day before.  “She will be sadly missed,” he said.

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