Gary Kunich

The Warrior Dash — firsthand

Gary Kunich attacks the mud pit. /Earlene Frederick photo

Saturday saw Warrior Dash come to Shadow Hill Ranch in Randall. Gary Kunich, a Kenosha resident, agreed to share his experiences with our readers at this unique — and muddy — event. — DH

By Gary J. Kunich

The annals of history are filled with gore-filled moments where warriors would dine on the intestines and drink the blood of enemies after hard-fought battles.

Thank goodness we, as a species, have evolved to a point where a warrior ethos means eating Flaming Hot Cheetos while watching Baywatch reruns on T.V.

But every so often we hear a whispering voice giving us direction in life.

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Daily Buzz: Fair has daily fun

Some things only happen once a year at the Kenosha County Fair, which this year runs from Aug. 17-21.

But some of the entertainment happens every day, throughout the day.

Part of this daily entertainment line-up is Nick’s Kid Show, which has become a regular at the Fair in recent years.

Nick’s Kid Show features musical fun and entertainment for kids. Audience participation is big in Nick’s Show, which also is high energy with plenty of humor.

Also, featured daily will be:

Opinion: Good teachers deserve good comp and taxpayers deserve relief

People sputtered, spit and spewed my damnation, private and public, and probably wanted to do very bad things to my privates in public, when I wrote a few weeks ago in support of the so-called budget repair bill, and urged the 14 wandering senators to come home.

Now it is done.

But is it really?

Eh, not really …

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Opinion: Public employees need to pay more toward benefits

Even drunk hunters know you don’t go into the woods unless you’re wearing orange during deer hunting season, because it makes it easier to see you. So how hard can it be to find a bunch of Democrats wearing bright pumpkin colored shirts that scream they support worker’s rights, while they speed out of town in a Prius?

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Column: No mammoth handy? Best not to risk the commute

Photo by Rama via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license.

Back in days of yore, when hairy men roamed the plains, and scratched and grunted with reckless abandon, a little, itty, bitty snow was just a small price to pay for the luxury of being smelly and making rude noises without getting weird looks from our wives.

Sure, there were trade-offs, what with this being in the day before beer was invented, but a woman could call you a Neanderthal for your actions back then, and the only reply would be, “Aren’t we all? What’s your point?”

An extra foot of snow just meant we’d have to go and kill an extra Wooly Mammoth to keep us warm at night – you know after the women folk gutted it, cleaned it, cooked the meat for us, and cleaned up our spears. Pre-historic men just didn’t want to get stuck in traffic. That’s why they waited so long to invent the wheel.

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