Mike Gordon

Line of Tebow fans wraps around corner and down the street at Jockey store opening

The line wound down the street. Way down the street. Way way down the street. And around the corner.

The number of people who came to downtown Kenosha for the grand opening of the Jockey Factory Store, newly located downtown at 5500 6th Avenue, stretched two entire blocks. The final member of the line, a man wearing a Denver Broncos jersey, said he had come all the way to that line from South Chicago, Illinois.

All the way from near Joliet just to buy underwear?

Nope, all the way from South Chicago just to meet an underwear spokesman. In this case, Jockey spokesman Tim Tebow. While Tebow is Jockey’s official face, that’s not what this crowd knows him for. Rather, they are fans of his other job — formerly as a quarterback for the Florida Gators and now as one of the NFL’s Denver Broncos.

When he arrived at about 5:30 p.m., Tebow stepped out of the store to wave to the vast line of fans to let them know he arrived. Then he went into the store to meet the excited fans and pose with them while their friends and families took pictures and videos

Steitz announces Senate run

Jonathan Steitz has added his name to the people who will run against state Sen. Robert Wirch in a recall election.

Steitz, a local attorney , made the official announcement of his candidacy Wednesday at a press conference in Pleasant Prairie.

Here’s some video of the announcement:

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Western Kiwanis Club and KACVB get grant to market Taste of Wisconsin

Gov. Scott Walker was in Kenosha Monday to announce a $20,700 grant to the Western Kenosha Kiwanis Club and the Kenosha Area Visitors and Convention Bureau to help market the Taste of Wisconsin festival to be held along the Kenosha Harbor July 29-31.

“I am honored to present this grant to the Kiwanis Club of Western Kenosha for Taste of Wisconsin,” Walker said. “This annual family event that rests on the shores of Lake Michigan hosts much of what Wisconsin has to offer – good times and great food. The $1.2 million dollars in estimated economic impact for the Kenosha Area makes this grant a good investment for Wisconsin.”

Walker made the announcement at a press conference at the Kenosha Public Museum. Most of the grant money will be used to market the event to northern Illinois residents.

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Union Rally in Kenosha coverage

Here’s some video by freelance photographer Mike Gordon of the labor rally held at the UAW headquarters in Kenosha Thursday night:

County Board opposes Walker budget plan regarding bargaining

The Kenosha County Board adopted a resolution Tuesday opposing Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to reduce collective bargaining power for state employees to only wages as a way to address anticipated budget deficits.

The resolution passed 19-9.

The marathon meeting saw a packed audience section and multiple citizens expressing their views. Here’s some video of opinions from citizens at the meeting gathered for KenoWi.com by freelance journalist Mike Gordon:

Bradford student rally for union rights

At about 3:30 p.m., Tuesday, just after the school day, about 30 Bradford High School students along with members of the community and of local unions marched from the school across Washington Road to the UAW Local 72 union hall on Washington Road on Kenosha’s north side.

The idea of the event was to rally for union rights, student organizers said.

Here’s some video shot by freelance journalist Mike Gordon for KenoWi.com:

Kenosha Jail Chaplaincy honors volunteers

Over 50 volunteers to the Jail Chaplaincy of Kenosha were recognized for their giving and service to the inmates at the Kenosha County Correctional Facility at the group’s Second Annual Volunteer Recognition Evening on Thursday night, February 10th.

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