State Senate District 22 results: Wirch defeats Stevens

Early results are in for the 22nd State Senate District which is pitting Republican Pam Stevens versus Democratic incumbent Bob Wirch.

The district includes both Kenosha and Racine county territories. Both candidates are from Kenosha County.

At 9 p.m. with 3 of 90 Kenosha County polls reporting: Stevens 814 and Wirch 1352. No Racine results available yet.

UPDATE 10:36 p.m. — With partial results from 69 of 90 Kenosha County polls reporting and just Elmwood Park results from Racine County: Stevens 8790 and Wirch 18336.

UPDATE 11:02 p.m. — With final unofficial results in from both counties: Stevens 14859 and Wirch 32119.

Kenosha County Registers of Deeds results: Storz vs. Vos

The first results are in for the Kenosha County Register of Deeds race pitting Democrat JoEllyn Storz of Kenosha against Deborah Vos of Wheatland.
The race is the only county-level race that is contested.

At 8:40 p.m. with 11 of 110 polls reporting, it’s Storz 5005 and Vos 7110.

UPDATE 10:19 p.m. — With 84 polls reporting: Storz 26857 and Vos 24225.

UPDATE 10:47 p.m. — With 109 of 110 polls reporting: Storz 40980 and Vos 32172.

UPDATE 10:59 p.m. — Final unofficial results: Storz 40980 and Vos 32174.

61st Assembly District results: Kerkman vs. Steinbrink

At 8:13 p.m., the first results are in the 61st state Assembly District race between Republican state Rep. Samantha Kerkman of Randall and Democratic state Rep. John Steinbrink of Pleasant Prairie.

The redrawn district pitted the two current incumbents against each other. It covers most of Western Kenosha County (except Wheatland) part of Somers and most of Pleasant Prairie and a very small part of Kenosha.

With two polls out of 18 reporting partial results, Kerkman 706 and Steinbrink 378.

UPDATE 8:22 p.m. — Five polls now reporting: Kerkman 2895 and Steinbrink 2285.

UPDATE 8:26 p.m. — Six polls reporting: Kerkman 3971 and Steinbrink 2861.

UPDATE 8:32 p.m. — Eight polls reporting: Kerkman 5517 and Steinbrink 4088.

UPDATE 8:36 p.m. — Nine polls reporting: Kerkman 6157 and Steinbrink 4837.

UPDATE 8:49 p.m. — 10 polls reporting: Kerkman 6791 and Steinbrink 5240.

UPDATE 9:04 p.m. — With 11 polls reporting: Kerkman 7449 and Steinbrink 5580.

UPDATE 9:29 p.m. — 13 polls reporting; Kerkman 11071 and Steinbrink 8583.

UPDATE 9:35 p.m. — 14 polls reporting; Kerkman 12176 and Steinbrink 9665.

UPDATE 9:38 p.m. — 15 polls reporting; Kerkman 12397 and Steinbrink 9908.

UPDATE 9:48 p.m. — 16 polls reporting: Kerkman 13990 and Steinbrink 11526.

UPDATE 10:07 p.m. — 17 polls reporting: Kerkman 14391 and Steinbrink 11787.

UPDATE 10:10 p.m. — Same results as last entry now being reported for all 18 polls reporting partial results. However, as the race is still being held as open by the county there may be absentee or touch screen votes yet to be included in these totals.

It’s Election Day: Polls open from 7 am to 8 pm

It’s Election Day today with federal, state and county partisan offices on the ballot. Polls are open from 7 am to 8 pm.

Don’t know where you are supposed to vote?  Click here to check for any Kenosha County address.

Note: We will be reporting results of races of local interest as they become available. Check back! — D

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Absentee voting in Kenosha


People may cast absentee ballots beginning October 22nd and continuing through November 2nd in Room 202 of the Municipal Building, 625 – 52nd Street.  Hours for absentee voting are 8 am to 6 pm from October 22nd to October 26th and October 29th through November 1st; and 8 am to 5 pm, on Friday, November 2nd.  Also, 8 am to 12 noon on Saturday, October 27th.

Due to the anticipated high turnout for absentee voting, additional parking will be provided to accommodate voters.  Public parking is available in the lot directly west of the Municipal Building. Additional public parking will be reserved in the employee parking lot south of the Municipal Building. People also may park on both sides of 52nd Street, between Eighth and Sixth Avenues. The area will be posted for one hour maximum parking.

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Ohnstad wins with a landslide 75% of the vote


Tod Ohnstad took 75% of the vote on Tuesday in a three-way race in the newly drawn 65th assembly district, which includes much of the city of Kenosha:

  • Tod Ohnstad – 2,084 votes – 74.78%
  • Dayvin M.A. Hallmon – 519 votes – 18.62%
  • Albert Namath – 179 votes – 6.42%
  • Write-In – 5 votes – 0.18%


Former Governor Tommy Thompson, out of office in Wisconsin for more than a decade, won a four-way Republican primary for the U. S. Senate yesterday.  Vote totals were:

  • Former Governor Tommy G. Thompson – 3,722 votes – 36.44%
  • Eric Hovde – 2,601 votes – 25.47%
  • Mark W. Neumann – 2,549 votes – 24.96%
  • Jeff Fitzgerald – 1,335 votes – 13.07%


  • Tammy Baldwin – 5,235 votes – 99.64%
  • Write-In – 20 votes – 0.36%

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RNC chief Preibus links his concern over voter fraud to his being from Kenosha

Republican National Chairman Reince Preibus today linked his concern about voter fraud in Wisconsin to being from Kenosha in comments made in a conference call with reporters.

Multiple media sources are quoting Preibus as saying:

I’m always concerned about voter fraud, you know. Being from Kenosha, and quite frankly have lived through seeing some of it happen. Certainly in Milwaukee we had plenty of it, and I think it’s been documented. I reject any notion that it’s not the case.”

Preibus went on to cite some non-specific cases in Milwaukee, but never came back to elaborate on his hometown reference.

Aldermanic contested election results

Here’s a roundup of final unofficial results in Kenosha alderman races from Tuesday’s election. Only contested races are shown.

  • District 2 — Chris Schwartz 574, Theodore Ruffalo 239.
  • District 3 — Jan Michalski 429, Jose Gomez 92.
  • District 6 — Tod Ohnstad 662, R. Brian Garrison 232.
  • District 8 — Kevin E. Mathewson 361, Paul Trombino 322.
  • District 9 — Keith W. Rosenberg 517, Doug Williams 336.
  • District 10 — Anthony Kennedy 320, Alex Shehadeh 226.
  • District 11 — Scott N. Gordon 443, Anthony Nudo 355
  • District 12 — Steve G. Bostrom 552, Mary Magdalen Moser 516.
  • District 13 — Curt Wilson 732, Robert Jensen 709.
  • District 15 — Michael J. Orth 681, Peter Martin 645.

County Board contested election result

Here’s a round-up of all of the contested County Board races in Tuesday’s election, except for exclusively Western Kenosha County districts. Results are final unofficial totals:

  • County Board Dist 3 — Jeffrey Gentz 696, Tom Tassi 293.
  • County Board Dist 4 — Angelina Montemurro 609, Michael Goebel 519.
  • County Board Dist 8 — Ronald L. Johnson 478, Aaron Petroski 389.
  • County Board Dist 12 — Gabe Nudo 730, David C. Singer 711.
  • County Board Dist 14 — Boyd Frederick 445, Jonathan V. Long 311.
  • County Board Dist 15 — Mark A. Molinaro, Jr. 858, Mary Braun Modder 509.
  • County Board Dist 18 — Anita Johnson 550, Larry Matson 537.
  • County Board Dist 19 — Mike Skalitzky 1000, Gail Gentz 913.

Kenosha Unified School Board election results

With 85 of 87 polls reporting partial results, here are results in the Kenosha Unified School Board election: incumbent Carl J. Bryan 8909 , incumbent Mary K. Snyder 7721, Tamarra A. Coleman 6644, Todd L. Jacobs 6310, Steven Davis 6301, Shanon Molina 5399.

The top three candidates will win the available seats.

Circuit Court judge election results: Rossell wins

At 9:52 p.m., with 107 of 120 polls reporting partial results in the Circuit Court judge race: Jason Rossell 12251, Edward Antaramian 10557.

UPDATE 11:11 p.m. — Final unofficial results: Jason Rossell 14239, Edward Antaramian 12394.

Kenosha Aldermanic District 11 election results

Partial results are in for the Kenosha 11th Aldermanic District election.

As of 9:25 p.m. with 4 of 4 polls reporting partial results: Scott N. Gordon 406, incumbent Anthony Nudo 321.

Kenosha mayor election results: Bosman scores commanding victory

Re-elected Mayor Keith Bosman at his election night headquarters. /Earlene Frederick photo

Early partial results in the Kenosha mayor race show incumbent Keith Bosman with a large lead.

At 9:21 p.m. with a 41 of 79 polls reporting: Keith G. Bosman 4509, Jesse Downing 1933.

UPDATE 10:27 p.m. — With 77 of 79 polls reporting partial results: Keith G. Bosman 9249,  Jesse Downing 4198.

UPDATE 10:44 p.m. — Final unofficial totals: Keith G. Bosman 10753, Jesse Downing 4777.

District 2 Kenosha alderman election results

Partial results in the District 2 aldermanic race are in.

With four of four polls reporting partial results at 9:18 p.m.: Chris Schwartz 516, incumbent Theodore Ruffalo 210.

Common Council primary results

Here are final unofficial results from the Kenosha alderman primaries.  The top two vote-getters in each district will face-off on April 3:

District 8:  Paul Trombino 202, Kevin Mathewson 154, Bobby Nash 109.

District 10:  Anthony Kennedy 122, Alex Shehadeh 89, Andy Berg 86.

District 11:  Scott N. Gordon 217, Anthony Nudo 203, Aimee Crucianelli 90.

District 12:  Mary Magdalen Moser 341, Steve G. Bostrom 299,  Kim M. Bell 88.

District 13:  Curt Wilson 455, Robert Jensen 377, Ray Misner 174, Laura A. Rozzoni 97.

Kenosha mayor primary results: Bosman and Downing to face off in April

At about 9:42 p.m., some city votes are beginning to be posted.

In the non-partisan primary for mayor, here are the results with about a third of the 79 polls reporting:  Keith G. Bosman 1261, Jesse Downing 386, Nasser Museitif 342, Jeff Baas 294.

The top two will advance to the April election.

UPDATE:  9:50 p.m. – With 70 polls out of 79 reporting:  Bosman 4614, Downing 1333, Museitif 1266, Baas 998.

UPDATE:  10 p.m. – With all 79 polls reporting results, but not final official results:  Bosman 5101, Downing 1446, Museitif 1399, Baas 1078.

UPDATE:  10:02 p.m. – More results:  Bosman 5183, Downing 1462, Museitif 1431, Baas 1093.

UPDATE:  10:24 p.m. – Final unofficial results:  Bosman 5764, Downing 1582, Museitif 1534, Baas 1219.

Kenosha Unified School Board primary election results: Bryan, Snyder, Coleman, Molina, Jacobs, Davis advance

At 8:23 p.m., there are some very early results (one of 86 polls reporting) in for the Kenosha Unified School Board non-partisan primary:

  • Carl J. Bryan:  283.
  • Mary K. Snyder:  215.
  • Charles Leicht:  193.
  • Tamarra A. Coleman:  185.
  • Todd L. Jacobs:  170.
  • Steven Davis:  168.
  • Shanon Molina:  143.

Six candidates will advance to the April 3 election.

UPDATE:  9:24 p.m. – With nine of 86 polls reporting:  Bryan 1304, Snyder 995, Coleman 941,  Jacobs 887, Davis 838, Molina 811, Leicht 729.

UPDATE:  10:18 p.m. – With all 86 polls reporting some, but not complete, results:  Bryan 6208, Snyder 4678, Coleman 4290, Molina 3903, Jacobs 3534, Davis 3313, Leicht 2556.

UPDATE:  10:22 p.m. – Results just above declared final unofficial.

Circuit court judge primary results: Rossell and Antaramian advance

There are some early results (8:19 p.m.) in for the circuit court race in today’s non-partisan primary.

  • Jason A. Rossell:  231.
  • Edward R. Antaramian:  170.
  • William Michel:  149.
  • David R. Berman:  140.
  • David E. Celebre:  52.

The two highest vote-getters will face off  in the April election.

UPDATE:  8:29 p.m. – Six of 105 polls reporting:  Rossell 328, Antaramian 204, Michel 20,  Berman 170, Celebre 60.

UPDATE:  9:15 p.m. – 25 of 105 polls reporting:  Rossell 1887, Antaramian 950, Berman 808, Michel 784, Celebre 368.

UPDATE:  9:53 p.m. – With 95 of 105 polls reporting:  Rossell 4589, Antaramian 3019 , Michel 2349, Berman 2159, Celebre 1201.

UPDATE:  9:56 p.m. – With 99 of 105 polls reporting:  Rossell 4721, Antaramian 3131, Michel 2420, Berman 2210, Celebre 1248.

UPDATE:  9:58 p.m. – With 104 of 105 polls reporting:  Rossell 4742, Antaramian 3142, Michel 2434, Berman 2222, Celebre 1262.

UPDATE:  10:25 p.m. – Rossell issues the following statement via email: “I am happy that we did this well in the primary. Thank you to all who voted, who supported me, and have encouraged me throughout this time. There is still a lot of work to do both on the bench and for the general election. I am looking forward to getting back to work at the Courthouse on Thursday and keeping Kenosha’s safety as my top priority. I am also looking forward to getting out and meeting more people during the next few weeks. Hopefully we can add to the positive momentum from tonight’s result.”

UPDATE:  10:27 p.m. – Final unofficial results:  Rossell 5038, Antaramian 3473, Michel 2705, Berman 2395, Celebre 1436.

Voter ID Education Fair to explain new law

There will be a Voter ID Education Fair on Jan. 12 at 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Kenosha County Job Center, 8600 Sheridan Road, Kenosha, Entrance D, in the Commons Area.

There will be speakers from the American Civil Liberties Union, League of Women Voters, and the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, along with informational videos. In addition, there will be booths set up with helpful information and resources to prepare people for the changes in law requiring a Voter ID, which is effective at the Primary election in February.

County Clerk Mary Schuch-Krebs will have a demonstration of the handicap accessible touch screen voting machine, along with polling place and representatives’ information. For additional information, please contact the Kenosha County Aging and Disability Resource Center at 262-605-6646.

Alderperson Ray Misner announces his mayoral candidacy

Ray Misner

At a fundraising party held Thursday evening at Twisted Cuisine, Alderperson Ray Misner announced his mayoral candidacy.  The writer conducted an hour-long phone interview with Misner, and here’s what he had to say:

Question:  What concerns led to this decision?  Answer:  “It was not an easy decision to make to run for mayor.  I was hoping that there would be a candidate step forward that I could put my trust and faith behind.  There are a few people who would do a wonderful job, who would not have difficulty running and managing the city.”

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22nd Senate District recall election coverage; Wirch wins

Polls are closed in the 22nd Senate District and some early results are in at 8:20 p.m.

A recall effort was started against incumbent state Sen.  Bob Wirch after he and 13 other Senate Democrats left Madison for Illinois — where they stayed for about three weeks — to avoid a quorum for a vote on Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial budget repair bill last February. Political newcomer Jonathon Steitz survived a Republican primary to challenge Wirch.

With four of 95 polls reporting in Kenosha County,Steitz is leading incumbent Wirch 1768 to 1555.

UPDATE 8:26 p.m. — Steitz 2366; Wirch 1993. No Racine County results yet.Racine County portion of the district is parts of the city and town of Burlington in far western Racine County. All of Kenosha County, except Wheatland, is in the 22nd District.

UPDATE 8:32 p.m. — Racine County reporting some returns. Overall count now Steitz 5229; Wirch 4071.

UPDATE 8:35 p.m. — One more poll reporting. Steitz holds about same percentage margin over Wirch — 56% to 44%.

UPDATE 8:42 p.m. — Nine Kenosha County polls reporting now. No change in percentage of Steitz lead.

UPDATE 8:44 p.m. — Ten polls in, Steitz percentage holding steady.

UPDATE 8:48 p.m. — Twelve polls reporting, Steitz slips one percentage point; now 55% to 45%.

UPDATE 9:06 p.m. — Thirteen polls, no change in lead by percentage for Steitz.

UPDATE 9:09 p.m. — 21 polls now reporting — Wirch takes lead in Kenosha County; Steitz still has edge overall 51% to 49%.

UPDATE 9:13 p.m. — With 27 Kenosha County polls reporting now, Wirch takes lead overall — 52% to 48%.

UPDATE 9:16 p.m. — 46 polls in Kenosha County now reporting; Wirch leading 55% to 45%.

UPDATE 9:29 p.m. — With 89 polls in Kenoshs County now reporting, Wirch lead widens to 56% to 44%.

UPDATE 9:37 p.m. — With all but one Kenosha County poll, and all Racine County polls reporting results, Wirch leads 58% to 42%.

UPDATE 9:57 p.m. — All 95 polling places in Kenosha County and all Racine County polls reporting: Wirch wins 25541 to 18838 or 58% to 42%. These are unofficial results and could still change some tonight as additional ballots — such as absentee votes — are counted.

Republican primary recall 22nd Senate District election results: Steitz wins

Polls closed at 8 p.m. in the 22nd State Senate District recall election. At 8:33 p.m., Jonathon Steitz has an early and sizable lead over Fred Ekornaas in the Kenosha County portion of the district — 1118 to 627. Part of the district also is in Racine County.

The winner will go on to face Democratic incumbent Robert Wirch on Aug. 16

UPDATE 8:44 p.m. — Race is much tighter in Racine County: Steitz 655 to Ekornaas 551.

UPDATE 8:58 p.m. — With 23 polls of 95 reporting in Kenosha County, Steitz has 66% to 34% margin over Ekornaas.

UPDATE 9:15 p.m. — With 84 of 95 polls reporting in Kenosha County, Steitz  lead at 64% to 36% for whole district.

UPDATE 9:20 p.m. — With 94 of 95 Kenosha County polls reporting, Steitz still maintaining 64% to 36% margin (5,981 to 3,369).

UPDATE 9:23 p.m. — Above numbers now reported as with all 95 Kenosha County polls reporting, but not complete. Steitz winning.

UPDATE 9:26 p.m. — Kenosha County unofficial results complete now. Steitz wins 5,981 to 3,369.

Bosman announces re-election bid

Mayor Keith Bosman answers questions Tuesday from the media about his decision to run for re-election.

Keith Bosman


Keith Bosman announced today that he will seek a second term as mayor of Kenosha.

The official announcement was made at the mayor’s Municipal Building office to a small group of media members.

“I have given this careful thought and after consulting with my family as well as friends and supporters in Kenosha’s business and labor communities, I have come to the conclusion that another four year term will enable us to complete many of the projects we have begun,” Bosman said in a prepared statement.

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Kenosha Unified School Board results

At a little before 9 p.m., with 9 of 83 polls reporting, Kenosha Unified School Board results are Jo Ann Taube 1334, Robert Nuzzo 1241, Tamara Coleman 952, Todd Jacobs 931.

The top two vote getters will get seats on the board.

UPDATE 9:36 p.m. — Possibly still incomplete results show the same finishing order as above.

Somers chairman and supervisor results

With two of four polling places reporting partial results at 8:38 p.m. in the Somers town chairman race, Vernon Wienke has  675 votes to Larry Harding’s 537.

In the contested supervisor no. 1 race, Edna Highland has 707 votes to Stephen Delcuze’s 457.

UPDATE 9:49 p.m. — Possibly still incomplete results with four of four polls reporting show the same finishing order in both races as above.

It’s Election Day

The polls will be open today for the spring election, which will decide local municipal and school board seats.

Polls will be open in your municipality from 7 a.m. today until 8 p.m.

Remember to check KenoWi.com tonight for election results.

Local races with contests include Somers town chairman and Kenosha Unified School Board.

Recount doesn’t change Somers chairman field

Photo by John evans via stock.xchng

A recount of the Somers town chairman primary conducted yesterday has not changed the field for the April 5 election.

Unofficial totals from the Feb. 15 primary showed Larry Harding edging Fred Loomis by just one vote to earn a spot on the ballot along with first place finisher Vernon Wienke.

Harding reports that after the recount he still had a one-vote margin.

Nuzzo, Taube, Jacobs, Coleman survive Kenosha Unified School Board primary

At 9:04 p.m., early results in the Kenosha Unified School Board primary show Robert A. Nuzzo with 815 votes, incumbent Jo Ann Taube with 725 votes, Todd Jacobs with 672 votes, Tamarra Coleman with 421 votes and Shari Kordecki-Ralph with 217 votes.

The top four vote getters will advance to the April 5 election to fill two seats.

UPDATE 9:25 p.m. — With all 81 polls reporting preliminary results: Nuzzo 1,810; Taube 1,731; Jacobs 1,537; Coleman 1,154; Kordecki-Ralph 494.

UPDATE 10:20 p.m. — New totals: Nuzzo 2,132; Taube 2,026; Jacobs 1,782; Coleman 1,328; Kordecki-Ralph 614. (Note this votes unofficial totals as of 10:54 p.m.)

Wienke first in Somers chairman primary; Harding edges Loomis by 1 vote for second

At 8:23 p.m., Vernion Wienke is holding the early lead in in the Somers town chairman primary with 143 votes.

In second is Larry Harding with 124 votes. In third is Fred Loomis with 123 votes.

This is with one of two polls reporting preliminary results.

The top two vote getters will advance to the April 5 election.

UPDATE 8:50 p.m. — New votes totals with both polls reporting preliminary results show Wienke with 182, Harding with 162 and Loomis with 142.

UPDATE 8:59 p.m. — New vote totals: Wienke 258; Harding 201; Loomis 200. (Note this votes are unofficial totals as of 10:54 p.m.)