Opinion: Good teachers deserve good comp and taxpayers deserve relief

People sputtered, spit and spewed my damnation, private and public, and probably wanted to do very bad things to my privates in public, when I wrote a few weeks ago in support of the so-called budget repair bill, and urged the 14 wandering senators to come home.

Now it is done.

But is it really?

Eh, not really …

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Bradford student rally for union rights

At about 3:30 p.m., Tuesday, just after the school day, about 30 Bradford High School students along with members of the community and of local unions marched from the school across Washington Road to the UAW Local 72 union hall on Washington Road on Kenosha’s north side.

The idea of the event was to rally for union rights, student organizers said.

Here’s some video shot by freelance journalist Mike Gordon for