Stand Tall Against Alcohol

Social hosting ordinance passes committee

Note: The following report was prepared by Steve Fredriksson, SPF Process Director, “Stand Tall Against Alcohol,”  Concerned Citizens Coalition On Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse for Greater Kenosha — DH

An ordinance designed to increase enforcement of existing underage drinking laws has passed the  Kenosha Public Safety & Welfare Committee meeting Monday.

The proposed “social hosting” ordinance, sponsored by Alderman Michael Orth, more clearly delineates parent/guardian legal responsibility as it pertains to underage drinking gatherings. It also defines who can be held responsible when underage drinking occurs, and defines “residence, premises, public or private property” as those areas pertain to underage drinking gatherings. This ordinance closely mimics the social ordinance that has been in force in Manitowoc. That ordinance is one that is considered a “model”, and that is being replicated at municipalities throughout the state.

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Kenosha PD officer recognized for efforts to battle underage drinking

Steve Fredriksson (right) presents a plaque to Kenosha Police Sgt. John P. DeMario. /Submitted photo

Kenosha Police Officer John P. DeMario had a memorable Police & Fire Commission meeting this morning.

DeMario was promoted to sergeant this morning by the commission. He also was awarded a plaque from the Concerned Citizens Coalition for Greater Kenosha for being a tireless advocate in the enforcement of underage drinking laws.

Steve Fredriksson, SPF process director for the “Stand Tall Against Alcohol” Project, presented DeMario with a plaque at the meeting . Fredriksson singled out the Kenosha Police Department and the City Attorney’s Office for having eased the passing of an ordinance that now makes it easier for the Kenosha Police Department to cite underage drinkers.